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5 out of 5 stars on Amazon
5 Star Ratings on Amazon

What Globally Good customers are saying:

"Thanks very much for introducing me to this great product - I never knew these existed and have been using paper cups for many years and thought how wasteful they were! The package is really fun and the colors of the cupcakes are so gorgeous they just make you want to start baking straight away! I also love how compact they are, so take up very little room in the pantry, I would like to have more products like these."

− Dawn, Amazon Shopper

"OMG! I love these! I absolutely love the colors! It's a must have for me to have kitchen stuff that isn't boring. Since I'm in college and have roommates storage is limited and they fit nicely together in their own container. +++ I really like making my breakfast "cupcake" receipes in them since I can take them from oven to freezer. Makes waking up, microwaving one and running to class super easy. Also, I love that I don't have to clean them super crazy style, just rinse them and I'm done!"

− Carly - Amazon Shopper

"These are the greatest invention for bakers ever. Completely reusable, dishwasher safe, and brightly colored cupcake liners will replace buying those flimsy paper liners every time you make cupcakes."

− Jessica, - Amazon Shopper

"These really are revolutionary!! I love them! I was skeptical but boughtb/c I like that they are Eco-friendly & the price was great. After the first use I am a huge fan! You can bake muffins without using a muffin pan-simply fill the cups & put on a cookie sheet. The muffins popped out easily once cooled & they were perfectly intact. I made 8 good sized muffins from a box of Jiffy cornbread. A bonus...the cups are cute, fun & colorful!"

− Alison, - Amazon Shopper

"I love the idea of baking in reusable cups but still having the portability of a cupcake. Being able to hand out food items without touching them directly is key with little ones around or even at an adult event, but I always feel bad seeing the mess that goes into disposable liners and the like. These came just as described, are vibrantly colored (2 of each), and will look really cute next time I bake something for a party or for one of my kids to bring to school."

− Sara, Amazon Shopper